Breakfast Ethereal

In my life as a child I wore the stripes
Playing inside right
As the Captain of the St Catharines Imperials
With dumb luck running wild we won the cup
Waking up every day
To love and a bowl of breakfast ethereal

From a soft focus world where tomorrow seemed bright
To the black and white
TV light of some dreadful soap opera serial
From a scrape to a scar we left little doubt
From the inside out
We were healing ourselves with breakfast ethereal

What have we lost in our mad
Pursuit of what we already had
When was the last time we saw the sun rise
What did we gain in return
But a lesson that we'd already learned
Remember that first time we saw with our own eyes
We saw with our own eyes

As the sorrowful leaves fall at our feet
All the sadness is sweet
And the trees in the sunlight are seemingly spiritual
I'd love to wake up again and imagine it all
Through the mind of a child
As the day runs wild with breakfast ethereal
Breakfast ethereal

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