Sun's Coming Out

Sun's coming out
Above the hillside
Chasing the shadows down through the valley
Sun's coming out
Heading for easy times
And bathing the sad old town in a warm embrace
From a higher place

Hope's peeking out
Behind those iron clouds
Breaking the shackles of what used to be
Love's speaking out
Where it was not allowed
And changing the back roads of adversity
Sun's coming out

You and I
We decide what is right for us
The blue sky
And the fields unite in a bright chorus
Of love and light and beauty
Sun's coming out

Sun's coming out
To heal what ills below
And changing the shadow of doubt with certainty
Time's running out
And well my love you know
It feels like it has been dark for an eternity

Sun's coming out
Sun's coming out
And a new day has begun

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