Saint Bernard

There's a portrait on my wall
Of my only friend
A comfort when e're I call
On whom I can depend
In my imaginary back yard
I have a Saint Bernard
Oh my Lord
In my big back yard

La La La La La

Dispatches from the pound
I receive in my dreams
With patches of white and brown
That's a real colour scheme

And life wouldn't seem so hard
If I had a Saint Bernard
Oh my Lord
Wouldn't be so hard

La La La La

Who else is gonna rescue me
When I'm face down in the snow
No other dog looks more like me
And could fill in
When I'm ill and unable to make the show

In my imaginary back yard…

There's a flask around his neck
Of brandy for me
To sip on as I reflect on immortality
Like a four legged mini bar
I'm talking Saint Bernard
On all fours, he's my mini bar

La La La La

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