Here’s the story of a poor loser
From the wrong side of the street
Yes, he’s a born loser
It’s the world he’s trying to beat
And though he once tried to cross over
All he met there was defeat

And it’s the story of a bid winner
Who’ll rub you out and rub it in
Yes, and he won’t let you forget it
He’s gonna get right under your skin
I bet you anything he don’t come out
The same door he went in

Some people say it’s no win or lose
But how you play the game
It don’t apply when stakes are high
And when these tow are playing

So let’s go back now to this poor loser
He’s lying on his bed
He’s gotta big chip on his shoulder
He’s got a light bulb over his head
And he thinks: what if that bad winner
Were to have a little accident

Appears On

Blue Boy