Nowhere To Go

I heard the thunder
So I braced for the rain
I tried to get out from under
But all was in vain
There's no way to stop it from pouring
Buckets down from the sky
When you're stuck in a cloud
And there's nowhere to go but down

You try to think about something
To erase all the pain
But you come up with nothing
All your thoughts are in vain
When your spirit is falling
Plummeting from on high
All you see is the ground
When there's nowhere to go but down

Nowhere to go but down
When you thought it could not go lower
As if under some old lawn mower
Life's been running you over

Everything's in slow motion
That hasn't come to a halt
Feels like all your emotions
Have been locked in a vault
It's like you're stuck in a painting
Unable to cry or to make a sound
And there's nowhere to go but down

The gravity of the moment
Plucked you out of the sky
For trying to walk on the clouds
When there's nowhere
Nowhere to go but down

Appears On

Forever Endeavour