The Reason Why

As all the rooms are full of empties
The wine attempts to tempt me
Would you help me disappear
And we'll let the path go hungry
And head at last to country
Or a small town away from here
And maybe there we'll finally see
There is no need to try
All our lives
For a reason why

‘Cause when the moon is glowing dimly
Upon our hopeful chimney
Trouble simply reappears
To throw a monkey wrench in
And hold the world’s attention
With a show of surreal fear
Hoping for an answer
I glance up to indifferent skies
There's no reply
Or a reason why

All we would hear is a deafening silence
Hollywood tears in frivolous times
Oh to be near your love

You can wonder where the time went
Or what it was it all meant
It's been a life spent wondering why
Looking for a name
Or coat to pin the blame on
I'm done sighing
For a reason why
Reason why
Reason why
Reason Why

All we would hear is a deafening silence

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